Hassan Shehadeh for Township Committee

Hassan Shehadeh

Vote on or Before November 3rd

Hassan Shehadeh has been a resident of Freehold since 2006. He is married with four kids – two in college, a senior in high school, and one in third grade at Marshall W. Errickson Elementary School. He works for Johnson & Johnson as a senior analyst. He has earned two degrees: a bachelor degree in chemical engineering and an MBA in finance. Hassan has been active in local youth sports leagues: he coached rec soccer at Pinelander Soccer Club in Howell when his daughter was young, and he coached rec basketball in Freehold. In his free time, he likes to watch Netflix, go for a walk and spend time his my kids.

When elected, he will work on:

  • The constant electric disruptions whenever we have a storm. We need to address this  issue and provide solutions starting with:

    • The trimming of branches from between wires and not wait for outgages to take actions

    • Fixing the leaning electric poles

    • Hold the township and JCP&L responsible for their lack of initiative to address the issue

  • Responsible spending, especially during this pandemic

  • Enforce the social distancing and face covering requirements